Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Storage design at it's best

Image not displayed, click to see.Sleek cocktail table by German designer Kevin Krumnikl's low table, Library, provides storage spaces for printed materials of various sizes.

Image not displayed, click to see.Rotterdam-based designer Reinier de Jong introduces a storage solution to accommodate our ever-changing needs: REK is an expandable bookcase that grows with your collection and is always full, regardless of the quantity of books and objects it holds.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall is in the air!

Wow! I've been away for a week and the Northeast has already had it's first nor'easter!
But, on the bright side, this is my favorite time of year. Leaves are changing; the air is crisp; sweaters & boots are coming out of the closet again. And the colors are glorious! This week I'll be decorating the outside of my home- not just for Halloween, but for Fall.
Mums of all colors will line the walk to my front door where visitors will be greeted by pumpkins and fall leaves on my stoop. A wreath of brilliant fall florals and fruits will adorn my door, giving a taste of the fall decor that lies inside! Stepping inside, the banister will be draped with fall vines and ceramic pumpkins will be scattered throughout the kitchen. Pillows on my sofa will echo the fall motif. Throw blankets in burgundy and burnt orange plaid will dress the ottoman and a soft chenille blanket will drape the back of the love seat. Put the fireplace on and we're all set for a comfy, cozy night.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Decorating Tip: Table-scape for Fall Decor

When setting a table for a the holidays (or any occasion), make sure you have a centerpiece! Centerpieces can be as simple as a single cut flower in a thin vase....line up 3 or 5 of these down a runner and some votive candles and you have now created some ambiance as well.
This picture of a Fall Table was a little more involved- I created this room at the Marketplace in Philadelphia, in the Robert Allen Showroom, for a fund-raising design event last year. Using a pumpkin from the craft store, I cut off the top and filled it with all types of fall florals, leaves and berries. Then I surrounded it with tulle and votive candles (pumpkin spice), leaf salad plates and accent plates.
Table-scapes can be fun- let your creativity and imagination do the work!
Happy creating! ~Julie

It's been a while....but I'm back with a new idea!

So, life has taken me away from posting for a bit, but I'm back!!
And, I thought some advice on decorating tips might be interesting to you, so I am going to begin posting monthly tips beginning now! Hope you enjoy them! And, please, send me an email with your ideas for tips and I'll add them to the list!
Thanks for sharing.

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The Dom, Germany

The Dom, Germany
love the architectural details of this massive structure.