Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall is in the air!

Wow! I've been away for a week and the Northeast has already had it's first nor'easter!
But, on the bright side, this is my favorite time of year. Leaves are changing; the air is crisp; sweaters & boots are coming out of the closet again. And the colors are glorious! This week I'll be decorating the outside of my home- not just for Halloween, but for Fall.
Mums of all colors will line the walk to my front door where visitors will be greeted by pumpkins and fall leaves on my stoop. A wreath of brilliant fall florals and fruits will adorn my door, giving a taste of the fall decor that lies inside! Stepping inside, the banister will be draped with fall vines and ceramic pumpkins will be scattered throughout the kitchen. Pillows on my sofa will echo the fall motif. Throw blankets in burgundy and burnt orange plaid will dress the ottoman and a soft chenille blanket will drape the back of the love seat. Put the fireplace on and we're all set for a comfy, cozy night.

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