Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is that really the color you picked?

Color is all around us and the choices are staggering! I'm sure you've had to choose color for something at one time or another....for your clothes, furniture, and probably even when you picked out a new car!

So, if we look at when you go picked out colors- like for a new car, somehow we always know the color we want. Red to make a statement; White to be classic; Silver to be safe; Black to be luxurious; etc. When you chose your clothing, sometimes you may have been safe and stayed neutral or wear the same colors all the time. Maybe you expressed your sense of style with pattern or took a risk with a bold tie or scarf. When you look to nature, you look for plants that 'pop' with colorful flowers and leaves. So, then, why do we have a hard time when it comes our interiors? Obviously it's not because we hate color.

I like to think of color as a way of expressing your personality....as an extension of you. It doesn't matter what the neighbors think, or your friends, or your mother-in-law. What matters is that you love the colors you live with, every day. Why should you have to live with something you don't like? There's hundreds of colors to pick from, so there must be at least one or two you love.

How to select that right color? There are various ways of doing it: Take a fabric that you love and match it. Have a favorite dish? Use that for inspiration. Or just love a color and always wanted it in a room? Then take a chance & go for it!

So, if you try your hand at selecting a color your own and you make a mistake, it's only paint. It can be repainted. But, if you want to get it right the first time, you may consider hiring a color specialist to help you.

Happy decorating!

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