Thursday, April 1, 2010

Taking in the gorgeous weather today and got inspired to clean house! Windows are open, light coming in, and then I realized it's time to clean those drapes and blinds; and the windows need cleaning before the screens can get put in to let in all that great fresh air and get the mustiness of winter out of the house! Where to start?!

First things first- if you have custom drapes that cannot come down for professional cleaning, then get out the vacuum and put that soft brush attachment onto the wand! Gently clean your drapery following the pleats or folds in the fabric, and if there's trim, be cautious when going over it. Vacuuming drapes will keep the fabric fresh and make them last longer. After all, investing in custom treatments you love means you want to cherish them for years to come. A little tender care is all they need.

While you've got the vacuum and wand in hand, hit those blinds or pleated shades! The same technique, going with the blind in a slow motion will ensure they will last. If they really need more cleaning, especially blinds, then take a soft damp cloth and wipe the dust away. Take care around the cords.

When cleaning your windows, please be cautious not to get any windex type cleaner on your custom drapes. If you can machine wash, or remove drapes for dry-cleaning, do this before the windex hits the glass! This makes for easy cleaning and ensures no chemicals on the fabrics!

Once your windows are sparkling and the drapes are all dust-free, open those windows this weekend and let that fresh air pour in!

~Happy Designing,

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